Five things to know from Tuesday’s Crawford County Commission meeting

Staff Reports /
  1. Commissioner Tom Moody was not at the meeting. 
  2. County Clerk Don Pyle discussed upcoming budget work sessions for various county departments. 
  3. County Counselor Jim Emerson said there had been some questions regarding American Rescue Plan funding. If county department heads or elected officials have expenses that they think might be covered, he said, they should track them so they can be easily accounted for if they end up qualifying. 
  4. Emerson also brought up the topic of various county departments’ phone bills and the county’s overall budgeting process for phone service. County Clerk Don Pyle and the commissioners also discussed the matter. Pyle said it is likely more cost-effective to pay the phone bills as a combined statement for the county instead of having each department pay its own bill individually. 
  5. Commissioner Bruce Blair said the county may have to make a plan to deal with traffic as a result of roadwork on Highway K-7. The Kansas Department of Transportation began resurfacing work this week that is expected to continue until late June on K-7 between Cherokee and Girard.