Pittsburg woman among two arrested for mail theft in Missouri

Staff Reports / news@morningsun.net

PITTSBURG, Kan. —  A Pittsburg woman and a Carthage, Missouri man who were both arrested for burglary last year in Pittsburg were arrested together again this week, this time for mail theft in Jasper County, Missouri. 

A Jasper County sheriff’s deputy was checking on a vehicle under the White Oak Bridge near State Highway 37 on Tuesday when he saw a man sitting in a nearby area of tall grass, who ducked down as the deputy saw him, the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post Thursday. 

Two people were found in the area, a 49-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman who both had warrants for their arrest.  

During his investigation, the deputy allegedly found opened mail in the area where the two had been sitting, which included a check for over $1,200. The owner of the mail was contacted and the mail was returned, according to the sheriff’s office. 

Besides this latest incident, the same two suspects were arrested together in connection with a burglary at a storage shed at Westside Mini Storage in Pittsburg in January of last year.  

The female suspect has since been arrested in Crawford County on drug charges as recently as November, and the male suspect was arrested by the Pittsburg Police Department earlier this month on charges including burglary “with intent to steal a firearm,” according to the county jail’s inmate roster. 

“We would remind everyone, if you happen to see anything suspicious, like individuals taking mail from multiple mailboxes, to report it,” The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office said in its Facebook post. “This can help prevent items from being taken such as checks or your personal information being used for identity theft and fraud.”