Five things to know from Tuesday’s Crawford County Commission meeting.

Staff Reports
  1. The commission approved a Special Event Cereal Malt Beverage License for the American Legion’s booth at the Crawford County fair.  
  2. County Clerk Don Pyle discussed with the commission a new state budget law that requires the cities and counties throughout the state to file a form noting whether they think their budget will exceed its “revenue-neutral rate”. A revenue-neutral rate refers to the tax rate for the current tax year that would generate the same amount of property tax revenue as the previous tax year. 
  3. The commission discussed a proposal to hire Greenbush to begin planning and strategizing for American Rescue Act funding. Greenbush’s services would cost $13,000. The commission approved the proposal and noted that the funding could come from the American Rescue Act.  
  4. The commissioners and County Counselor Jim Emerson had an executive session to discuss the county land bank. No motions or actions were taken following the session.  
  5. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson requested a 15-minute executive session under attorney-client privilege to discuss Mental Health Center operations. No motions or actions were taken following the discussion.