Five things to know from Friday’s Crawford County Commission meeting

Staff Reports
  1. Members of the Pittsburg Little League 12-year-old All-Stars called the meeting to order.  
  2. The commissioners approved giving the little league team $500 for travel expenses to an out-of-state Little League championship tournament. 
  3.  JoEllen Black representing the Arma V-J Homecoming Committee invited the commissioners to the Arma’s 75th Annual V-J Homecoming  
  4. Crawford County Public Health Officer Dr. Tim Stebbins called on the public to do their due diligence and get vaccinated if possible. “We’re not trying to get you vaccinated so you can take your mask off, we’re trying to get you vaccinated so you don’t die. So you don’t kill someone else,” he said. However, he also added that if for whatever reason people couldn’t get vaccinated, they needed to still do their part to eradicate the disease.  
  5. The commission set a public hearing for the Crawford County 2022 budget. The hearing will be happening August 24 at 10 a.m.