Medicalodges Frontenac hosts vaccine clinic

Staff Reports
Medicalodges Frontenac Administrator Mike Ricks receives the COVID-19 vaccine.

January 9 was a day that Medicalodges Frontenac had been looking forward to. Since March of 2020, the facility has been protecting its residents and staff from COVID-19. Now, the vaccine is being administered by choice to those residents and employees who wish to receive it.

“Medicalodges Frontenac has been very fortunate and has had zero residents contract COVID-19,” Medicalodges Frontenac Administrator Mike Ricks said in a press release, adding that “we have a wonderful group of staff that have worked tirelessly over the past 10 months making many sacrifices for the good of the facility,” and many residents have now elected to take the vaccine.

“The vaccine is a tremendous step forward in returning to a more normal way of life, especially in long term care,” Ricks said. “When I made an educated decision to receive the vaccine, I also took into consideration the wellbeing of others, namely my own family, my work family and the lives of our residents and their families that we are committed to. For me, getting vaccinated is the right thing to do and the way to return to a better quality of life for ourselves, our residents and their loved ones.”

Medicalodges Frontenac is a skilled nursing facility and is a Kansas-based, employee-owned organization.