Five things to know from this week's Girard City Council meeting

Staff Reports
  1. The council amended an ordinance to strictly prohibit citizens of Girard from having a pit bull, Doberman or rottweiler within the city limits. The previous version of the ordinance had a loophole that still allowed dog owners to have those breeds. The ordinance is part of the city’s laws against vicious animals and also applies to any dog that is a mix between these “aggressive” breeds and other breeds.
  2. The council approved the appointment of Clifford Scales as the primary member for Girard of the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA). It also approved the appointment of Jess Murphy as the alternate primary member. Before the appointment, Scales served as the alternate primary member.
  3. The council signed off on a $10,000 grant from the Girard Area Community Foundation to improve the city’s public pool. The money, in addition to another $10,000 that was previously approved, will be used to build either a pool or a “splash zone” that will hopefully be completed by summer of 2021.
  4. After a short executive session to discuss attorney-client privilege matters related to retention of records, the council commissioned City Administrator Johanna Winter to “develop a record retention policy in compliance with all applicable statutes and KOMA [Kansas Open Meetings Act] regulations.”
  5. The council approved the use of the civic center for Celebrate Girard, and potentially other groups, to use for their regular meetings as long as they create and get a mitigation plan approved by the health department. The civic center has been closed since April.