Five things to know from Tuesday's Crawford County Commission meeting

Staff Reports
  1. The county health public health officer and deputy public health officer were not in attendance, despite hinting that they would be there at Friday’s meeting and being scheduled to give the commission an update on the local COVID-19 situation according to the meeting agenda.
  2. Starting Tuesday, a survey will be pushed out to all Crawford county residents to get a feel from citizens about how COVID-19 has impacted the community, County Public Information Officer Samantha Garrett announced.
  3. The commission heard from a concerned Pittsburg citizen, Roger Burns, about how a potential COVID-19 vaccine would be administered, its effectiveness and whether it would be mandatory. “We’ve only got one shot at this,” Burns said. After Burns left and the commission adjourned to an executive session, Crawford County Clerk Don Pyle and Garrett agreed they thought Burns made some good points and questioned how effective the vaccine— which some companies have claimed is 90 percent effective— would really be.
  4. Crawford County Mental Health Center Executive Administrator Michael Ehling announced that he would be returning to the commission before the end of the year to present on how the CCMHC performed financially and how many patients it served in 2019. The commission has been asking to see data from the center for a while, according to Ehling.
  5. Hopefully by the end of the week, the County will be pushing out a number of public service announcements and ads to keep the public informed on the best practices related to COVID-19 and quarantining, according to Garrett.