Five things to know from this week's Frontenac City Council meeting

Staff Reports

1. Councilmembers Tom Sighel, Mike Snow and Marc McCully were not at the meeting.

2. Local resident Shelly Hipfl spoke during the citizens’ comments period of the meeting, saying the city needs an anti-tethering ordinance to prevent the long-term tethering of animals.

3. In his report to the council, City Administrator John Zafuta noted that the Frontenac Fire Department has been working with the Crawford County Health Department on getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and the city’s firefighters have now received their vaccinations. He also noted that the city still has an opening for a court clerk position that it is looking to fill.

4. Zafuta and the council members also discussed water and sewer rates. No action was taken but Zafuta said he plans to bring recommendations for rate increases to the next council meeting. Rate increases are necessary, Zafuta and other officials say, because the city has to pay for extensive upgrades to its water and sewer systems over the next several years.

5. During council members’ comments at the end of the meeting, Councilmember LaDonna Pyle asked if there was any update on the Frontenac Rec Center and whether it will reopen soon. Zafuta said he did not have any update.