Letter to the Editor: LaTurner and Marshall have subverted the Constitution

Staff Writer
Morning Sun

Eager to insert themselves quickly and firmly in the far-right wing of the national Republican party, newly elected Rep. Jake LaTurner and Sen. Roger Marshall both voted against certifying the result of the 2020 Presidential election.

Remarkably, they did so immediately after rioters assaulted the Capitol, resulting in five deaths, including a Capitol policeman who was beaten to death by the mob. In an unprecedented move, by failing to vote for certification, LaTurner and Marshall have subverted the Constitution by voting to set aside the popular vote of the American people.

There was no voter fraud, Trump’s own election security chief stated this was the most secure election in history — then was promptly fired by the President. Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, who was so loyal to Trump that he frequently acted as the President’s personal attorney, also stated there was no evidence of election fraud — then was forced out of office by the President. In more than 60 election fraud lawsuits filed throughout the country, not a single judge (many of them Republican) found any evidence of election fraud.

The self-serving actions of LaTurner and Marshall are rank political opportunism and they both bear some of the responsibility for the carnage and death caused by the attack. We need to remember that in the next election.


Shirley K. Drew-Triplett and James R. Triplett, Pittsburg

Joseph S. Adcock, Pittsburg

Marc Daczewitz, Columbus

Pay Horgan, Pittsburg

Wendy Long and Don Judd, Pittsburg

Lyn Shultze, Pittsburg

Laura Washburn, Pittsburg