Homecoming night for the Lancers didn’t seem to have the momentum they were wanting against the Trojans Friday night.

Homecoming night for the Lancers didn’t seem to have the momentum they were wanting against the Trojans Friday night.
The Trojans racked up 399 yards of total offense and 362 of those yards were on the ground.
Stanley Brown and Eric Bowman combined for 262 yards rushing for the Trojans.
“We went out and got off the ball hard and knew the snap count every play and we just got after them.” Brown said. “Best game I’ve had but I’ve got to give the credit to the offensive line.”
Brown had 150 yards on 12 carries and Bowman had 112 yards on 13 carries, but it wasn’t just the offense that pushed the Trojans to a 60-25 win.
“We’re just working on our defense pretty much and our secondary stepped up a lot today and we had some big plays that were broke, but we got it together.” said senior defensive back Johnny Webb. 
The defense caused three fumbles and one interception by Johnny Webb and one of those fumbles was taking 65 yards to pay-dirt by senior Darian Kelly. 
At the end of the first quarter the game was tied at 6 a piece and looking to be a battle, with penalties still hurting the Trojans.
The Trojans had 77 penalty yards in the first half.
Girard head coach Leon Miller laughed about the penalties after the game.
“Well we come out like we should’ve and we came out offensively and took the ball down and scored and the offensive line did a great job,” Miller said “The backs were running hard and Stanley Brown, Eric Bowman, Darian Kelly and Taylor Woods did an amazing job. Like I said our offensive line and everybody was doing a great job. I didn’t have to tell them much at halftime, it could’ve been a two-minute halftime and my boys would’ve been ready and they responded well and I’m very proud of them.”
The game was 20-6 late in the second quarter, until Daniel Rank broke out a 60-yard touchdown run to make the game 20-12 with the Lancers missing the two-point conversion.
Then Darian Kelly took the kickoff 88 yards to the end zone and it seemed like that had knocked the wind out of the Lancers, but Daniel Rank answered right back with an 85-yard kickoff return that put the Lancers 28-18 with 2 minutes 13 seconds remaining, but Kelly and the Trojans scored again on a 10-yard run by Kelly before halftime making the score 35-18, and the Trojans never looked back after that.
Daniel Rank led the Lancers with 125 rushing yards and three touchdowns.
“I thought our kids fought hard and our game plan was to come in and try to do a lot of things with formations,” said Southeast head coach Bryan Burdette. “Not keep going in the same hole over and over and over and I thought the kids did a good job adjusting to that plan, and that says a lot for our team, I mean we can be a team that wants to pound it inside or a team that wants to mix it up a little bit and there were some misfortunate things that happened and you know without those it could’ve been a bit different ball game.
“We didn’t play very good in the first half on defense and I thought we got better but that outside veer was hurting us and they kept doing that and that’s what I would do to, but we just didn’t cover the outside very well.”