The Pittsburg Coal Company was chartered in 1881, and sunk its first mine south of Pittsburg, which was on what is now Jefferson Street. In 1893, it became the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Co. In 1892, the company was sinking a mine at Wentworth, Missouri, and this article evidenced some of the difficulties encountered.

“Jas. B. Smith and Chas. A. Patmore returned home last evening from Wentworth, Mo., where they have been looking after the mining interest of the Pittsburg company.

“Their shaft is now down 40 feet and all that is hindering the progress of their work is water in the shaft, which came in so fast that they had to abandon the use of their horse power hoister and put up a steam hoister to-day. This however, is a very fortunate set back as the great trouble with many shafts has been the lack of water for washing their ore and the Pittsburg company’s shaft will have plenty of water for all purposes.”

Source: The Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Tuesday, 16 August 1892, Vol. VI, No. 101.