Pittsburg residents will now have a regular time to get rid of their branches, limbs and brush.

Pittsburg residents will now have a regular time to get rid of their branches, limbs and brush.
Pittsburg city officials announced this week that they will be offering residents use of the city’s burn site from 8 a.m. to noon the second Saturday of every month, starting July 11.
“We just never really had it open to the public (on a regular basis),” said Jeff Wilbert, interim parks and recreation director. “We always opened up the site to use whenever we had to deal with storm damaged trees and limbs and that kind of stuff.”
The site’s location is 1.5 miles east of Rouse on Quincy, on the north side of Quincy.
Wilbert said the idea came from the last major storm, when the city’s burn site was opened up to all residents in order to save city staff from having to haul out everybody’s limbs. But Wilbert said that evolved into consistent phone calls — about six or seven per week — where staff was asked to open the site back up to drop off their items.
“We had to keep it locked because some people were abusing the privilege of using it,” Wilbert said. “They were taking out items they weren’t allowed to drop off, and we couldn’t keep up with the special requests people were making.”
That led to the suggestion of opening up the site once per month, with city staff patrolling the area.
“To me it’s just a service,” said John Van Gorden, interim Pittsburg City Manager. “Those who want to pick up their yard have a place to take the debris.
“It helps with keeping everything like drains clean, but mostly what we’re trying to do is just provide that service,” Van Gorden said. “It gives them the opportunity to be able to haul their limbs and stuff out to the site.”
Wilbert said the site would accept tree branches, limbs and overall brush, but would not accept treated lumber or scrap lumber from projects.
“This is just for tree and bush projects,” Wilbert said. “They can collect their brush and just bring it out at the appropriate time. We’re happy to make that site available to people.”

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