Grandma, what big eyes you have.

Dear Editor,
Grandma, what big eyes you have. The better to see you with my dear. Grandma, what big ears you have. The better to hear you with my dear. Grandma, what big teeth you have. The better to eat you with my dear. Oh, big bad Obamacare, what have you done with Grandma? Little Red Riding Hood we stopped plans for a heart transplant, kidney transplant and breast implant as she was unable to stay awake to sign consent forms. When she was only 95 a health care reform bill allowing her to plan her future with her doctor and family, paid for by Medicare, was killed, oops, in Congress by anti-government Medicare recipients. The GOP claims, Grandma Oughta Pass-on, is the Obamacare plan to reform Medicare by denying life extending care to Grandma. As a Grandpa, my health care plan is the 100 Plus or Die Trying Option. I'm eligible for heart stress tests, colonoscopies and breathalyzer tests even if I hobble to the doctor due to an ingrown toenail. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my health care plan, but I can't help thinking about poor Granny. I wish we could have done more.
The GOP, Gore Obama’s Presidency, led by adulterer Gingrich their de facto leader has turned Democratic town hall meetings into Marx Brothers comedies like A Night at the Opera. If it weren't for ignorance these people would have no discernible intelligence. I'd rather be confined with Pelosi and Palin for 2 1/2 minutes than with these people for 2 1/2 seconds. I'm a tolerant person, but not that tolerant.
Albert Newland