When an airplane leaves LaGuardia in New York headed for LA, the pilot programs and sets the course and then turns on the autopilot. 

When an airplane leaves LaGuardia in New York headed for LA, the pilot programs and sets the course and then turns on the autopilot.  As it travels and faces turbulence and cross winds, it’s constantly off course.  But the autopilot makes adjustments and puts it back on course and it arrives in LA not Mexico (some pilots may have a more precise explanation). 
Most of us are on our own autopilot, but the question is “Am I programmed to reach my destination of choice?”  The problem is that most of our programs are faults and filled with limitations.  When we are born they tape a computer keyboard to our chest and connect it to our brain and our programming begins. 
The early programmers are our parents, teachers, clergy, coaches, etc.  We hear things like “Can’t you do anything right?” or “Ballerina? You’re more like a bull in a china cabinet”.  We hear it long enough and pretty soon we believe it and act it out.  Most of our early (however well meaning) programming is negative and limits our performance.  Bad behavior produces bad results and limits our performance and the outcome. 
I had a great personal example with my pickup truck.  I heard a “whiney” noise and pulled into a station, the attendant said I needed some power-steering fluid.  He put in some fluid and the whining noise stopped.
A few weeks later it was back again.  So I bought some power-steering fluid but instead of putting it in the power-steering system I put it in the brake lining. Bad news! It wasn’t compatible because it was the wrong fluid and the brakes locked up.  At least I’m patriotic, because I created my own stimulus package for the mechanic. 
That’s exactly what happens when we put negative thoughts in our “think tank”.  But there is a remedy — we can send positive thoughts to our “action tank”.  It’s called goal setting.  People who set goals put their life on “auto pilot” and set the direction for their life.  If you don’t, someone else will determine your final destination.  With goals you control the destination, without them the rest of the world is in charge.
It’s not enough to set goals, you have to take action.  Unlike the person who paid $200 to join the health club but didn’t loose a pound, he didn’t read in the fine print that you have to show up.  Will Rogers used to say, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”.  The sowing and reaping always goes on in equal measures. 
Goals don’t have to be earth-changing. You can lead a richer life simply by doing more for others.  The need for generosity locally has never been greater.  This fall begins the season for the United Way, Salvation Army bell ringers, and countless others.  Why not give more than you ever have? There’s an expression that says, “Give ‘til it hurts”. Here’s a better one, “Give ‘til it feels good”.
This will be my last “Something to Think About.” Thank you for your countless expressions of gratitude for the articles and thanks to the Morning Sun for printing them.  I have prepared a list of some of my best ideas  and if you would like a copy just send your request to my e-mail.
Things have been good but the best is yet to come. 6:27

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