Everybody can learn something new about Pittsburg State.

Everybody can learn something new about Pittsburg State.

That’s the idea behind this Saturday’s Leadership Saturday, an event to help PSU constituents, decision makers and opinion leaders get a broader idea of what’s going on at Pitt State.

“Leadership Weekend is designed for our volunteers and external constituents to get better informed about Pittsburg State,” said Brad Hodson, PSU vice president of university advancement. “First, it helps get them more committed to PSU. Second, when they go home, they are better informed about PSU, and they can provide accurate, timely information to their friends and contacts.”

The event, set for Saturday in McPherson Hall, is not open to the public, and invitations were sent out in recent weeks. The day will begin with at 7:30 with a welcome address by PSU President Steve Scott.

That will be followed by four 30-minute sessions, with roughly 10 to  choose from.

“We listen to people as they talk to us, and we hear what’s on their minds,” Hodson said. “We’ve had people asking us how PSU can be the ‘best of the best’ in Division II athletics. We have a session on that. We’re answering the top 10 most common topics, because they are things that people are obviously interested in.”

That includes sessions on: “Educating the Game Boy Generation,” accreditation and academic quality, a panel of current PSU students, the importance of a Performing Arts Center, the impact of the 2011 Baja SAE Kanasas Design Competition, the meaning and purpose of the Kansas regents, the bioscience revolution, opportunities for alumni and friends, PSU athletics, and the impact of professionals in tough economic times.

About 70 people have sent in RSVPs so far, and while Hodson said the event is in some ways a means of arming constituents and leaders with information, it’s also a way of thanking those people for their work.

“It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with our most loyal constituents,” he said. “They give of their time throughout the year to help with the stewardship of the university. It’s a way to pay back. It’s something special and in an intimate setting. There’s only 10-15 in a room, so there are opportunities to interact. It’s a treat for alumni to have that level of access and information.”

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