It didn’t take long for Nick Long to establish his dominance during the 2009 Crestwood Country Club Men’s Championship.

It didn’t take long for Nick Long to establish his dominance during the 2009 Crestwood Country Club Men’s Championship.

Long, a former golfer for Pittsburg State University, turned in a 4-under 68 after the first day and compounded that lead after the second day to win his first Men’s Championship title by 12 strokes.

“I just hit a lot of greens and made a lot of putts,” Long said. “Heck, it was pretty nice both days and the wind was not that strong.”

St. Mary’s-Colgan standout and current PSU golfer Eammon Krusich finished second, 12 strokes back, with a two-day total of 148.

After the first day, Long held just a four-shot lead over the rest of the field. He said that he was somewhat surprised about how things stacked up after the first day but, not so much because of his score.

“To be honest, I was more surprised that no one shot under par,” Long said. “Everyone played from the white and there are a lot of guys out there that can play very good golf.”

Long’s path to the championship had few bumps — three to be exact.

On the first day, he recorded just two bogeys and had just one more on day two.

“I didn’t make many mistakes and I knew that if I limited the bogeys and hit my putts I would do well,” Long said. “I just got lucky.”

It was those first two bogeys on day one that gave Long the biggest cause for concern.

“I didn’t think I would have a four-shot lead after the first day,” Long said. “I figured that the two bogeys on the first day would cost me.”

Long said that his tournament scores were close to his regular average but, the play of the course helped his game.

“I would say that is what I should shoot out there,” Long said. “I can hit the ball a long ways and the rain that we had made the golf course a little longer but, the course was still short enough.

“I was really able to take advantage of the par-5s and that is where I was able to make up some ground.”

All three of his bogeys were, coincidentally, 3-putts, leaving him a few questions about his short game.

“It eats me up because I shouldn’t do that,” Long said. “If I didn’t do things like that, I would be playing for money somewhere.”

All-in-all, Long said that his tournament win can be attributed, mostly, to luck.

“It could’ve gone south quick but I was fortunate that I was able to hit some fairways and make some putts,” Long said.

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