Two local cross country runners won first place at regional meets Saturday. Senior Austin Bogina won the 3A Regional boys race at Burlington and senior Michaela Bauer won the 4A Regional girls race at Garnett.

Two local cross country runners won first place at regional meets Saturday. Senior Austin Bogina won the 3A Regional boys race at Burlington and senior Michaela Bauer won the 4A Regional girls race at Garnett.

Bogina posted a 16:56 and finished 55 seconds ahead of the runner-up, Cole Meyer of Wellsville. Sophomore Walter Cunningham placed 24th by running a 19:52, senior Cole Scott finished 54th with a time of 21:30, senior Joey Claffey 67th with a time of 23:43 and senior Josh Tingley ran a 27:04, finishing 72nd place.

Southeast sophomore Trevor Johnson took 15th at Burlington, with a time of 19:04. Senior Tim Holden finished 35th with a time of 20:21, sophomore Kyle Stewart made 50th place with a time of 21:15 and sophomore Steven Porter placed 53rd with a time of 21:27. The Lancers finished sixth as a team.

Senior Zac Palumbo had the best individual finish for the Frontenac Raiders in the 3A Regional, 29th place with a time of 19:59. Freshman Chance Medlin, the highest placing freshman in the race, finished 33rd with a time of 20:14.

On the girls side of the 3A Regional, Southeast’s Deaven Thompson finished 30th, Hannah Clausen 37th, Madison Martin 38th and Joni Chapman 39th.

Frontenac freshman Allie Moody had the best local finish in the 3A girls race, placing 18th with a time of 19:23. Moody’s teammate, sophomore Kinsella Brunetti, finished 31st with a time of 20:22.

Girard’s Bauer won the 4A regional with a time of 16:25, beating runner-up Jocelyn McMillan-Hale of Chanute, a freshman runner, by almost 19 seconds. Sophomore Hayden Herlocker qualified for state with a fourth place finish, clocking 17:08.

The Girard girls finished fifth best as a team. Rounding out Girard’s results, junior Jordan Lowe finished 27th with a time of 18:43, sophomore Brittany Beatty, freshmen Christian Provence and Kendra Samuels and senior Lindsey Stolte finished 56th through 60th place, in that order.

The Girard boys finished 13th out of 14 teams. Girard senior Cody Bradshaw led Girard with a 42nd finish with a time of 20:03, freshman Austin Lowe finished 55th with a time of 20:21, senior Kaleb Belcher 61st with a time of 20:39, senior Noren Johan 69th with a time of 20:57, senior Preston Samuels 79th with a time of 21:26, freshman Tanim Dillon 81st with a time of 21:29 and senior Ross Jones finished 84th with a time of 21:49.

Baxter Springs senior Jacob Spence qualified for state in the 4A boys race, with his 17:44 time giving him a fourth place finish. Baxter sophomore Paige White took a third place finish in the girls race, with a time of 16:50, and joins Spence as state qualifier for the Lions.

At the 2A Regional girls race in Mound City, St. Mary’s Colgan sophomore Rachel Farmer qualified for state with a third place finish and 17:33 time. Fellow sophomore Alex Wachter will join Farmer at state, finishing 10th with a time of 18:21.

Colgan girls finished fourth overall. Sophomore Emily Dickey finished 14th with a time of 18:39, senior Emily Honsicker made 30th with a time of 20:16 and sophomore Ali Noyes finished 38th with a 23:30 run.

On the boys side, Colgan was led by junior Aaron Gouivion’s 17th place finish. Gouivion clocked a 18:29 time and sophomore Jonathon Adamson finished two spots behind Gouivion with a time of 18:36. Freshman Noah Myers came in 35th with a time of 20:00.

Pittsburg junior Hannah Carrier qualified for state at the 5A regional in Overland Park. She ran the race in 17:16 and placed 19th, in a race dominated by St. Thomas Aquinas and its six of the ten best—including the top four—individual times. Pittsburg finished sixth in the team standings.

Sophomore Emilee Beitzinger finished 25th with a time of 17:45, freshman Sarah Jewett 28th with a time of 17:57, junior McKenzie Spresser 33rd with a time of 18:23, junior Emily Stevens 42nd with a time of 19:12 and freshman Shelby Bicknell finished 45th with a time of 19:17.

In the 5A boys race, senior Steven Garbrick had the highest Pittsburg finish, placing 30th with a time of 19:13. Freshman Braden Brown placed 43rd with a time of 20:58, senior Michael Hughes 44th with a time of 21:08 and freshman Garrett Harmon finished 46th with a time of 21:40.

Northeast’s Bogina, Girard’s Bauer and Herlocker, Colgan’s Farmer and Wachter and Baxter’s Spence and White will race Oct. 30 in Wamego. Bogina will start the day at 9 a.m. in the Class 3A Boys race. Bauer, Herlocker and White will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Class 4A Girls race, and Spence will start at 10:30 a.m in the 4A Boys race. Farmer and Wachter will run at 12:30 p.m. in the Class 2A Girls race.

Pittsburg’s Carrier will run at 10 a.m., Oct. 30, Rim Rock Farm, Lawrence in the Class 5A Girls race.

Saturday’s Local Cross Country Results
Kansas Class 2A Regional, Mound City
Boys - Individual
1. Daniel Classen, Berean Academy, 16:25
17. Aaron Gouivion, St. Mary’s Colgan, 18:29
19. Jonathan Adamson, Colgan, 18:36
35. Noah Myers, Colgan, 20:00
Boys - Team
1. Maranatha Academy, 34 points
2. Berean Academy, 42
3. Burden Central, 66
4. Northern Heights, 84
5. Humboldt, 137
6. Lyndon, 149
Girls - Individual
1. Kaylee Engle, Cottonwood Falls, 16:59
3. Rachel Farmer, Colgan, 17:33
10. Alex Wachter, Colgan, 18:21
14. Emily Dickey, Colgan, 18:39
30. Emily Honsecker, Colgan, 20:16
38. Ali Noyes, Colgan, 23:30
Girls - Team
1. Berean Academy, 48 points
2. Maranatha Academy, 50
3. Northern Heights, 69
4. Colgan, 73
5. Lyndon, 96
Kansas Class 3A Regional, Burlington
Boys - Individual
1. Austin Bogina, Northeast, 16:56
15. Trevor Johnson, Southeast, 19:04
24. Walter Cunningham, Northeast, 19:52
29. Zac Palumbo, Frontenac, 19:59
33. Chance Medlin, Frontenac, 20:14
35. Tim Holden, Southeast, 20:21
45. Tyler Fleck, Southeast, 20:43
50. Kyle Stewart, Southeast, 21:15
53. Steven Porter, Southeast, 21:27
54. Cole Scott, Northeast, 21:30
67. Joey Claffey, Northeast, 23:43
72. Josh Tingley, Northeast, 27:04
Girls - Individual
1. Kristen Tippin, Prairie Village, 16:33
18. Allie Moody, Frontenac, 19:23
30. Deaven Thompson, Southeast, 20:17
31. Kinsella Brunetti, Frontenac, 20:22
37. Hannah Clausen, Southeast, 21:07
38. Madison Martin, Southeast, 21:11
39. Joni Chapman, Southeast, 21:31
Kansas Class 4A Regional, Garnett
Boys - Individual
1. Josh Whittaker, Santa Fe Trail, 17:21
4. Jacob Spence, Baxter Springs, 17:44
42. Cody Bradshaw, Girard, 20:03
55. Austin Lowe, Girard, 20:21
61. Kaleb Belcher, Girard, 20:39
69. Noren Johan, Girard, 20:57
79. Preston Samuels, Girard, 21:26
81. Tanim Dillon, Girard, 21:29
84. Ross Jones, Girard, 21:49
Boys - Team
1. Santa Fe Trail, 69 points
2. Labette County, 69
3. Paola, 77
4. Chanute, 127
5. Iola, 165
6. Parsons, 209
7. Anderson County, 209
8. Osawatomie, 220
9. Prairie View, 226
10. Louisburg, 250
11. Ottawa, 251
12. Independence, 269
13. Girard, 301
14. Fort Scott, 302
Girls - Individual
1. Michaela Bauer, Girard, 16:25
3. Paige White, Baxter Springs, 16:50
4. Hayden Herlocker, Girard, 17:08
27. Jordan Lowe, Girard, 18:43
56. Brittany Beatty, Girard, 20:29
57. Christian Provence, Girard, 20:33
58. Kendra Samuels, Girard, 20:37
59. Lindsey Stolte, Girard, 20:39
Girls - Team
1. Paola, 47 points
2. Chanute, 67
3. Santa Fe Trail, 86
4. Independence, 110
5. Girard, 116
6. Anderson County, 149
7. Louisburg, 169
8. Labette County, 200
9. Ottawa, 218
Kansas 5A Regional, Overland Park
Boys - Individual
1. Alex Weitkamp, St. Thomas Aquinas, 16:48
30. Steven Garbrick, Pittsburg, 19:13
43. Braden Brown, Pittsburg, 20:58
44. Michael Hughes, Pittsburg, 21:08
46. Garrett Harmon, Pittsburg, 21:40
Boys - Team
1. Aquinas, 29 points
2. Mill Valley, 53
3. Blue Valley, 59
4. Gardner-Edgerton, 122
5. Bishop Miege, 128
6. Blue Valley Southwest, 146
Girls - Individual
1. Bailee Cofer, Aquinas, 16:05
19. Hannah Carrier, Pittsburg, 17:16
25. Emilee Beitzinger, Pittsburg, 17:45
28. Sarah Jewett, Pittsburg, 17:57
33. McKenzie Spresser, Pittsburg, 18:23
42. Emily Stevens, Pittsburg, 19:12
45. Shelby Bicknell, Pittsburg, 19:17
Girls - Team
1. Aquinas, 17
2. Blue Valley, 61
3. Gardner-Edgerton, 74
4. Bishop Miege, 115
5. Mill Valley, 128
6. Pittsburg, 135