Dear editor:

Civil discourse seems to have disappeared from the poIitics of our nation.

Dear editor:
Civil discourse seems to have disappeared from the poIitics of our nation.   Many seem quick to express hatred of various individuals and programs without offering positive alternatives.  We once believed that we did not have to agree with the President in order to respect the office, yet that philosophy seems absent in the case of President Obama who has had only 21 months to put our economy on the road to recovery and keep it there.

Consider the critics of “Obamacare.” I hope they are in good health and will not need any of the new protections, but if they ever do, will they decline them?  Will anyone needing to transfer coverage to a new job, or cope with a catastrophic illness mind Obamacare then?  People can now obtain coverage with a pre-existing condition and keep their college-age children on their plans. Why would anyone want to see this progress dismantled unless the deficit is the issue?  In that case, many economists argue that health care reform will eventually aid deficit reduction.  Next year, my premium will increase (as usual)) but my coverage will be expanded.  Those who read their entire plan for the coming year might be gratified to find positive changes.

Also, regarding the Stimulus Bill, the Congressional Budget Office reported that 3.3 million people are employed now because of it. And as a recent Sun article pointed out  “ spending continues into next year, so the program’s impact cannot yet be fully measured.” Let’s give this administration a decent interval before unleashing further condemnation, and perhaps return to constructive criticism, respectfully expressed.

Juanita Jopp