The Crawford County Sheriff’s department is looking into the passing of a counterfeit $100 bill that was recovered from a business in the county.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s department is looking into the passing of a counterfeit $100 bill that was recovered from a business in the county.

According to Undersheriff Dan Peak, Sheriff’s deputies recovered the bill on Thursday and this does not appear to be an isolated incident.

In Chanute, located in Neosho County, police detectives have been investigating several incidents of counterfeit $100 bills being passed.

“We’ve had some bills that have surfaced,” Chanute Director of Public Safety Sam Budreau said on Friday.

In Crawford County, Peak said the bill they recovered appears to be an altered $5 bill. Deputies identified the bill as counterfeit after noticing that the watermark in the lower right-hand corner of the bill was a picture of Abraham Lincoln. If it were a true $100 bill, the watermark should be an image of Benjamin Franklin.

In addition, the watermark that runs down the left side of the counterfeit bill still had the markings of a $5 bill.

In Neosho County, Sheriff Jim Keath said that they had a counterfeiting incident in September, but they made arrests in that matter.

“Chanute has had a few different incidents, including $100s,” Keath said. “We recovered some counterfeit money from a person’s house in Thayer back in early fall.”

The cases of counterfeiting in Chanute go back to July 12 and are as recent as October. Budreau said that the counterfeit bills have been passed at various locations in Chanute and some have seen up to two bills passed at one time.

Kansas Highway Patrol Capt. Rick Wilson also confirmed that, during the Kansas State Fair, troopers became involved in an investigation of someone passing counterfeit $100 bills on the Fairgrounds. Subsequently, they arrested a man at the grounds and recovered computer equipment at his address in Woodson County.

But, there is no determination as to whether any of the incidents are related in any way.

“Nothing is out of the question with this,” Peak said. “It would be hard to say ‘yes’ but it certainly not be out of the realm of possibility.”

Budreau said that the Chanute Police Department has been working with the Secret Service — a branch of the Treasury Department tasked with investigating counterfeiting — and they are looking for leads from other jurisdictions, including Crawford County.

As for Crawford County, Peak said that the Secret Service has been notified of the incident, but there is not enough information to call for them to investigate.

“If we had a location of where it was made, I would say we would,” Peak said. “But, we really don’t have enough information at this point to make that call.

“If we get any solid information that someone in Crawford County is doing this, certainly, we would call the Treasury Department.”

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