From the Kansas Democrat Party:

From the Kansas Democrat Party:

When asked if he had "worry of wrongdoing?" by a Topeka television reporter Kris Kobach responded "No, absolutely not.... I would be astonished if there was any validity to it."[1]

Yesterday Mr. Kobach filed an amended report. However, he still reports accepting multiple prohibited contributions.

In Kansas a candidate is prohibited from accepting more than $2,000 from an individual. Attempting to explain the violations, a staffer for Kris Kobach explained to the Wichita Eagle[2] and the Kansas City Star[3] that a couple can contribute up to $4,000 to a candidate.

It’s vexing then, why his amended filing still reports the campaign accepted more than $4,0000, from more than one couple.

According to Kobach’s own report, Mr. and Mrs. Hodgdon contributed more $8,000 to Kobach’s campaign in a single week. Another couple, Lloyd and Nancy Hanahan, has contributed more than $4,800 since the primary election [see Table 1]

"Well, color Kris Kobach astonished. It’s remarkable that someone who apparently knows the law keeps breaking it. Either Kris Kobach thinks the law doesn’t apply to him or he has, once again, revealed an alarming inattention to detail," said Kenny Johnston, Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party, adding, "The Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring Kansas elections are conducted in accordance with the law.  Clearly, Kris Kobach is the wrong person for the job."

The incomplete defense offered by the Kobach campaign fails to address alleged violations arising from multiple anonymous cash contributions exceeding $10 dollars. [see Table 2] 

KS 25-4154 (b)states "No person shall give or accept any contribution in excess of $10 unless the name and address of the contributor is made known to the individual receiving the contribution."

"Based on his latest finance report it’s not clear that Kris Kobach is aware of the contents of his own report, and which laws he’s alleged to have broken," added Kenny Johnston, before asking "Did he even look at the report before he filed it?"