Change. It’s the theme behind nearly every political campaign this year, from the race for the presidency to the most local of elections.

It’s the theme behind nearly every political campaign this year, from the race for the presidency to the most local of elections.
It’s a concept we agree with wholeheartedly and a mantra we have also adopted in making our endorsements for the state and local primaries taking place a week from Tuesday — Aug. 5.
In the race for the Republican nomination for the Kansas Senate District 13 race, we endorse Jim Marshall of Fort Scott.
With 33 years as a commercial airline pilot and member of the Marine Corps. Reserve, five years as athletic director at Fort Scott Community College and a stint on the US 69 Association under his belt, Marshall is the proven leader that southeast Kansas needs fighting for a seat in Topeka.
Marshall not only has his ear to the ground in Bourbon, Crawford and Cherokee counties, his heart is also right here with the people he would be representing. He has heard our calls for a change and has the ideas, resources and knowledge to make it happen.
We believe that his opponent, Jake LaTurner, poses a great challenge. By throwing his hat into the ring at just 20 years old, LaTurner has proven that he has the determination and the desire to make a difference. However, we believe he needs just a little more time to gain some life experience and hone his political skill before he becomes a great politician. There is no doubt in our minds that, down the road, he will be just that, and will make a name for himself in the political arena.
Next Tuesday, the Democratic and undeclared voters of Crawford County’s Commission District 2 will decide the winner of this year’s commission race, barring a strong write-in candidacy in the general election. Four Democrats will face off for the nomination and will appear unopposed on the November ballot.
In this tight race, we have chosen to endorse second-time candidate Linda Grilz. Grilz lost four years ago by just a handful of votes and has since “built herself back up” and is determined to win this election cycle.
Grilz has the right formula for change. She has never held a county-level position and would enter the job with no preconceived notions of how the commission would do business. Yet she has served 11 years as a city-level official and has led many local community boards and committees.
She knows that Crawford County citizens are ready for an overhaul of the way county business is handled, and she has the drive, experience and knowledge to get us there.
The other three candidates, John Kovacic, Vince Saia and Chuck Ales are all worthy opponents with great ideas and platforms. But we do not think they could make the same waves of change as Grilz.

Jessica Tims-Seeliger, for The Morning Sun