RVH fourth grade students have recently created science fair projects, built new inventions and made posters about presidents.

RVH fourth grade students have recently created science fair projects, built new inventions and made posters about presidents.

Fourth grade students built science projects over ideas provided by the Haderlein PTO, who sponsored the science fair and hosted a learning night for the students to develop plans for their project.

Students who participated include Molly Adams, John Barnes, Tricia Combs, Yanet Dominguez, Josh Duling, Trinity Dye, Hallie Hadaegh, Allison Hibdon, Trista Nickelson, Kacey Pitts, Trevor Schmidt, Abby Smith and Hunter Ulbrich.

In addition, students learned about solids, liquids and gases and created a flipbook explaining each state of matter. To demonstrate the water cycle they filled clear bags with water to view precipitation, condensation and evaporation.

Fourth graders also created their own science book, chose a science topic to research and wrote their own book using Joanna Cole’s “Magic School Bus” books as a model.

Students also created their own toothpaste brand. To complete the assignment, students wrote an ad to encourage people to purchase their product.

In addition, they invented a new product to share with the class after learning about inventions and inventors. To build the product, students were required to take an item from their house, use it to improve on a current product or incorporate it into their own invention, and use their invention for a new, creative purpose.

Regarding his invention, a small table built to hold a laptop, fourth grader McKenin Blythe said, “I can actually use my invention because I found out you can get a type of cancer from keeping a computer on your lap.”

Fourth graders were also given the option of creating soil conservation posters at home.

Students who participated include Josh Duling, Kalle Franklin, Taylor Michael, Samantha Orender, Camryn Prince, Kaitlyn Staten, Hunter Ulbrich and Sarah Zimmerman.

For their social studies class, students made president posters. Students chose and researched a president, wrote an essay and created a backdrop to represent their chosen president.

Fourth grader Kevin Keith said, “I think making the president poster was fun because we had a big poster to color and learned about past presidents.”

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ March birthday, librarian Carrie Smith read his books to students in all grade levels. They have also been participating in activities that involve his books and playing Olympic games, which include Fox in Socks, the Cat and the Hat game and Green Eggs and Ham.

Students with January birthdays include Molly Adams, Jonathan Barnes, Taylor Michael, Samantha Orender, Dakota Rich and Alan Thompson while students with February birthdays are Isabella Crumpacker and Megan Shireman.

Those with March birthdays include Jocelyn Brokob, Corey Edwards, Kaleb Franklin, Kallee Franklin, Hannah Hughes, Tyler Johnson, Michael Keith, Marcy McDonald, Ryder Worrell and Sarah Zimmerman.