There’s something about free T-shirts that attracts college students like moths to a flame.

There’s something about free T-shirts that attracts college students like moths to a flame.
And sure enough, at Pittsburg State’s annual Community Fair on Wednesday, T-shirts could have been used as currency.
One vendor, Meg Wheeler, SEK Urgent Care business manager, brought 250 T-shirts for distribution, as well as 100 water bottles. By about one hour into the fair, Wheeler was already out of T-shirts and water.
“They all went very, very fast,” Wheeler said. “Students were very excited about the T-shirts. We had long lines of people who were all very polite.”
The community fair is the school’s annual introduction to Pittsburg for the returning students.
Organizers said the number of vendors was similar to past years, but the attendance on the part of the students was different. Notably, organizers and vendors noted that in years past, students often came in waves between classes. This year, the flow was much more steady.
Even Pittsburg State officials had trouble keeping up with the flow.
Edie McCracken, program coordinator with Pittsburg State Campus Activities, said she had brought three cases of bags, with each case containing 500 bags. Within an hour and a half, McCracken was already out of all 1,500 bags.
“This is really a chance for students, both new and returning, to find out about the businesses, places of worship, and volunteer organizations of the surrounding area,” McCracken said. “It’s one stop to find out about all of these things, rather than try to find out about all of them on your own.”
There was also plenty of free items at the fair.
Interested in food? Have a hamburger, sno cone, custard, ice pop, popcorn, cookie, drink, fruit or a multitude of other items.
Want something else? Well, there’s flying discs, pens, key chains, bags, contests, giveaways, and coupons.
All told, it’s a college student’s dream to have this much opportunity for free swag. Just ask resident advisor Emily Schenk.
“I’ve been looking forward to this since last year. It’s free stuff,” said Schenk, a junior elementary education major. “I told all the girls on my floor to get over here. It’s perfect for us poor college students.”
Pittsburg State will also host a free showing of the movie “Up” at 7 p.m. on the Jungletron on Friday.

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