Pittsburg State quarterback John McCoy was visibly nervous on Thursday night.

Pittsburg State quarterback John McCoy was visibly nervous on Thursday night.
Not because of practice but because he was slated to speak at the Paint The Town Red Pep Rally at Gorilla Village.
“Yeah, if you can find Chadd Snyder, let me know,” McCoy said. “He is actually supposed to speak at this.”
But, Snyder showed up later, forcing McCoy to address the fans that attended the event.
“I really had no idea I was supposed to talk until John told me afterwards,” Snyder joked.
Regardless of who had to speak, the juniors and seniors of the Pitt State football team reveled in the attention they received during the pep rally — just two days before the Gorillas kick off the 2009 season against Central Oklahoma.
“I was really kind of expecting something like this to be on a Friday or something,” said fifth-year senior Antonio Graham. “I just feel really appreciative that there are so many people that come out to support us like this.”
Players did say that having the support that the Gorillas have from the community can add some amount of pressure.
“It does put a little extra pressure on you because there are so many people that love Pitt State football,” McCoy said. “But, just look at this ... this is great.”
Longtime Pitt State fan Jack Overman highlighted the event when he stood on a table and rallied the crowd with various cheers and chants.
Something that was not lost on the Gorilla players.
“You have guys like Jack out here and you want to play harder for them,” Graham said. “You want to satisfy them by winning.”
In the end, McCoy gave his short speech without breaking a sweat.
“Hey, if this is what it takes to be the quarterback at Pittsburg State, it is worth it,” McCoy said. “I wouldn’t trade it. This is Division II heaven.”

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