Vampires, witches and goblins? No, I’m scared by real things stalking our country — amnesia, propaganda and hate.

Vampires, witches and goblins? No, I’m scared by real things stalking our country — amnesia, propaganda and hate.

In the amnesia department we seem to have forgotten 2008 when the economy was brought to its knees by the wars and government non-regulation policies of George Bush and his capitalist banker buddies’ bad behavior. Things are slowly and definitely improving but we seem to be poised to go back to those same policies that got us into trouble in the first place. The general fervor seems to be “against” everything so its hard to tell exactly what the Tea Party is planning “to do” but it seems to be to cut all services to the poor and needy and give even more money to rich corporations, which sounds a lot like Bush. After all, Obama has already cut taxes to the middle class and small business but if you listen to the propaganda of political ads you would think the opposite is true. We know health care will reduce the deficit, but the rumors are to the contrary. We already know the Bush tax cuts that are set to expire only helped the rich buy a new yacht, or plump up their savings account, but returning to the former (actually low) level of taxes on our millionaires seems to be a big worry on the right. Most economists agree that this is no time to be cutting programs (and therefore jobs) but rather we need more of the stimulus that has already saved millions of jobs (teachers, firefighters, police, road crews, etc.) We will worry about the deficit soon, but first lets get the economy back on track.

I’m scared our populace seems to be swallowing the lies, spin and rumor that have circulated endlessly since Obama took office. Lately I keep seeing some expensive TV ad claiming we’re going to lose our guns. Not one mention has been made by anyone about losing second amendment rights, so where’s the worry? I can’t help thinking instead of wasting money on ridiculous ads like that we could feed hungry children or cure cancer or something.

My biggest fear is of the hatred I see in our country. We are proud of our constitution but seem to have a lot of trouble living up to it. Especially the Bill of Rights. Muslims are not our enemy. Many Muslims were killed in the world trade centers. Many Muslims love this country, fight in our army and contribute to our society.

Mexican immigrants are also not our enemy. They support our economy in many ways, doing jobs noone else will, shopping in our stores and paying taxes. They pay into social security which needs help since we have more retirees than young workers. The idea they “take jobs” is as old as the hills. That’s been the prejudiced argument against every minority and new immigrant group since this country began. Almost all Latino immigrants are honest hardworking people who are a lot more of a plus than a minus. When we do address illegal immigration we should arrest employers first.

And still our biggest hate monster is racism. Implicit racism is rampant in all those Obama signs depicting him as a Nazi or a monkey, or implying he is a Kenyan or “not one of us”. The man is a duly elected, reasonable, moderate President. The rest is racism. I hope the scary season ends soon.