With Election Day just days away, Kansans from all over have the opportunity to let their voices be heard.

With Election Day just days away, Kansans from all over have the opportunity to let their voices be heard.

With that being said, The Morning Sun has elected to announce its endorsements for Tuesday’s general election.

Pittsburg Sales Tax Question: We understand that there needs to be a funding mechanism for street repair. However, what dismays us is the fact that the Pittsburg City Commission elected to place this question back on the ballot so soon after Pittsburg voters turned the measure down. While we have no endorsement either way, we are disappointed that city elected officials did not take the voters’ earlier decision to heart.

Crawford County Commission, District 1: In this race we choose to endorse Republican Bob Kmiec. Over his eight years of service on the County Comission, Kmiec has served his constiuents in the western section of the county well, and we see no reason why this should be changed.

Crawford County Commission, District 3: This race was very tough to call between Democrat Carl Wood and Republican Thomas Hayes. In the end, we believe that both would provide excellent leadership for the county and serve their district well. However, we lean towards the side of Hayes and his proposal of a zero-budget rule that allows the county to look at ways to curb its budgetary problems of late.

State Representative, District 2: This race touts Democrat incumbent Bob Grant and Republican Jeff Locke. In the end, we believe that experience trumps a newcomer. Grant has provided solid leadership both on the local and state level and has proven to be able to work with both Democrats and Republicans in Topeka. That being said, we endorse Grant.

State Representative, District 3: Democrat incumbent Julie Menghini has had a race on her hands with Republican challenger Terry Calloway. During her time in the Kansas House, Menghini has helped bring the U.S. 69 highway project closer to fruition and has shown her ability to work with both sides of the aisle. In addition, Menghini has shown the courage and ability to make tough decisions by evaluating the big picture for southeast Kansas. With that, our endorsement goes to Menghini.

Attorney General: This is another race that was very tough to negotiate through. On one hand, the Democrat incumbent Steve Six has performed admirably under the circumstances of his appointment. He followed what was an absolute mess in the office and helped bring it back to respectablity. On the other is Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, a Republican from Independence. Schmidt has helped guide the Kansas Senate to produce a balanced budget and comprehensive transportation plan. In the end, we based our decision on what we believe the face of the Attorney General’s office should be. We look for an AG that is similar to the likes of Robert Stephan and Carla Stovall and we believe that person is Schmidt.

By The Morning Sun