One of the most best French students in the United States attends Pittsburg High School.

One of the most best French students in the United States attends Pittsburg High School.
Brittany Redd, PHS junior, recently learned that she had placed eighth on the National French Exam, which she took on March 13. She has placed first in Kansas in French for two years.
“The exam has a listening part, where you listen to a native speaker and then answer questions,” Redd said. “There are also vocabulary and reading comprehension parts.”
A few days after the French test, she took the National Spanish Exam and did very well, placing among the top students in Kansas.
She believes French comes easier to her because of her earlier experience with Spanish. Her current Spanish teacher is Regina Winemiller.
“My uncle was a teacher in South America and speaks fluent Spanish, so I picked up some of it, and then started studying it in middle school,” Redd said. “I began studying French last year. It has some vocabulary differences, but the grammatical structure is the same.”
“Brittany has already tested out of French 3, and made a perfect score on that test,” said Chris Colyer, her PHS French teacher. “She’ll go straight into French 4 next year.”
Redd said that she hopes to become a doctor. “I want a triple major — biology, chemistry and French/Spanish,” she said. “I plan on traveling to different countries as a doctor. After I retire as a doctor, I might just travel and be an interpreter. I’m debating about it now.”
Daughter of Angie Back and Todd Redd, she has lived in Pittsburg since she was 8. She is vice president of the PHS French Club and is also a member of the Math Club. She plans on visiting France and Spain in 2009.
She also works at the Golden Living Center as a CNA, which she said is a step toward her medical career. She has found it rewarding to be working with senior citizens.
“Before I went to the center, I wanted to be in pediatrics,” Redd said. “Now I think I might want to go into geriatrics.”
Colyer said that she and Lynda Nelson, Redd’s former Spanish teacher, have been trying to talk her into a career in linguistics.
Some people might be inclined to give Colyer part of the credit for Redd’s achievements in French, but the teacher said she doesn’t deserve it.
“Some kids need you and some kids don’t,” Colyer said. “Brittany has the ability to grasp the grammar involved, and has a beautiful accent in French. She has a true gift, and not just for one language. I was just here.”