Thanks to a bill that passed through the Kansas Legislature after the last election cycle, Pittsburg will not be seeing a primary election in 2009.

Thanks to a bill that passed through the Kansas Legislature after the last election cycle, Pittsburg will not be seeing a primary election in 2009.
That law bumped the number of candidates allowed per position per general election from two to three. With Pittsburg boasting three open spots on the city commission, that meant the city would have needed 10 people to file to have a primary election.
The filing deadline for 2009 city elections hit at noon Tuesday, and Pittsburg finished with seven candidates. Under the previous guidelines, Pittsburg would have had a primary election to pare the field down to six for the general election.
Pittsburg’s seven candidates included all three incumbents — Marty Beezley, Rudy Draper and Patrick O’Bryan — and four challengers — John Ketterman, Ed McCullough, Connie McGeorge and Tina Smith.
Frontenac, Arcadia and Mulberry all also had seven candidates spread across their council positions.
James Loth and David Chiappetti will compete for the Frontenac First Ward position, Patricia Clinton, Jack Southard and Frank Papish for the Second Ward position, Charley Quenoy for the Third Ward and A.J. Menghini for the Fourth Ward. James Kennedy and John Zafuta are unopposed for Mayor and Treasurer, respectively.
Arcadia has three at-large positions. Candidates for those positions include: Ernestine Berkey, Richard Culbertson, Lou Dehn, James Krieger, Gary Peterson, Joyce Stephens and Todd Trammell. Stephen Lechliter and Paul Starne are competing for the Arcadia Mayor spot.
Mulberry has four at-large spots, with the candidates including: David Bolton, Nancy Christian, Timothy Pelican, Jerry Prettyman, Denny Rice, Darvin Weaver and Pete Willey. Michael Walden and Randy Jones are running for Mulberry Mayor, while Brenda Howard is unopposed for Mulberry treasurer.
Arma has five candidates for two open spots: Marvin “Buddy” Bualle, Rick Cummings, Ron McKee, William Toschi and Don Zornes. Karl Wicker and Christopher Pommier are running for Arma Mayor.
Girard has three candidates for Mayor — Maurice Harley, Dan Smith and Michael “Mike” West. Sandra Hallacy, Susan Thom and Randy Thomas are competing for the Girard First Ward seat, while Sharon Mattson and Don Vinardi are the candidates for the Third Ward seat.
Robert Jones and Robert “Mike” Milford are running against each other for the Cherokee City Council Position Four, while John Lovell is unopposed for Position Two. Dale Thompson is the only candidate for Cherokee Mayor.
Debbie Rennie is unopposed for McCune Mayor, as is Cherie Thomas-Schenker for one of the two council member spots. No one filed for the other spot.
No candidates filed for Hepler Mayor, the five open Hepler City Council spots or the three Walnut Council Member positions. Those positions will be decided by write-in vote.

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