Patty Huston, Pittsburg, has two loves — her family and working.

Patty Huston, Pittsburg, has two loves — her family and working.
Huston, who turned 80 on July 7, is responsible for some of the baked goods at Ron’s Supermarket.
“I take care of doughnuts and rolls, cheese bread and jalapeno bread and pull-aparts,” she said. “I make ham salad and bread pudding, and just do anything they need me to do.”
She was born in 1928 in Henry County, Mo., one of 10 children.
“I lived on a farm until after World War II,” Huston said. “My brothers went to war, and my dad moved us into town.”
Huston began working at the age of 16, helping with the war effort.
“I made dungarees for the U.S. Navy at Pollock’s, a clothing manufacturer at Nevada, Mo.,” she said. “I had to get a work permit because I was only 16. Us single girls used to put our names and addresses in the dungarees, and we got a lot of letters back from the boys in the Navy. It was hard work, but we had a good boss and nice people to work with.”
One of her co-workers later became her mother-in-law.
“She sent my picture to her son, Leon Huston, and I met him when he was discharged from the service in May 1946,” she said. “I put a stamp on him and said, ‘He’s mine!’ We got married on Aug. 24, after a three-month courtship.”
The couple had two children, a son, Wilford, and a daughter, Wilma. Sadly, their daughter was killed in a car accident in 1985, at the age of 29. She left three little girls, Tina, Crystal and Amber.
“My husband and I took them in,” Huston said. “I was 57 and he was 60, but we got them raised, thank God.”
Her husband died in 1993.
She has six grandchildren — Crystal Elmore, Tina Troth, Amber Lake, Julie Huston, Jonathan Huston and Tori Hamblin, along with five great-grandchildren, Kayla and Kalib, Zachary, Alex and Nathan.
“I’m very blessed,” Huston said. “I live for my family. I am very proud of them all.”
She said that she has saved every birthday and anniversary card her family has ever given her.
“After I’m gone, my family can go through them, and I hope they enjoy them as much as I have,” Huston said.
She has worked most of her life, often two jobs at once.
“I worked at the Besse, and I was at the Landmark Restaurant for 15 years,” Huston said. “I met the nicest people there, and used to wait on Don Gutteridge and his wife.”
She has worked at Ron’s for 10 years.
“The Rhodes family is wonderful to work for, and my co-workers are so nice,” Huston said.
When she’s not at work, she’s often baking at home for family and friends. Huston also loves to sew.
“I don’t have a sewing machine, but I do a lot of hand stitching,” Huston said. “I just dread the thought that someday I might get too old to work.”