Crestwood County Club celebrated 50 years of “Family, Friendship and Tradition” June 27-29.

Crestwood County Club celebrated 50 years of “Family, Friendship and Tradition” June 27-29.
Approximately 140 Crestwood members and guests attended the founders dinner on June 27 with Kurt Loy, past.
Four of the original 10 founding member families were represented at the dinner. Those present were Bill Daugherty, Mrs. Edythe McNally, Mrs. Dottie Miller and George and Josie Nettels.
In addition to the founders, active charter members were also recognized for their years of affiliation with Crestwood. Present were Jeanne Benage, Joyce Cumiskey, Joe Keller, Joan Miller, Fred Mitchelson, Mary Pogson, Yvonne Robertson and Don Widner.
Numerous past presidents were also present and recognized for their years of service to the club. In addition, Pete Reyburn, Crestwood’s first PGA golf professional, and his wife, Pat, came from Florida to take part in the celebration as Reyburn was recognized for his early years of service to the club.
Todd Casey, current golf pro and club manager since 1988, was given a standing ovation as he was presented with a plaque honoring him for his unrelenting dedication and service to Crestwood for the past 20 years.
A commemorative portrait of the founders was dedicated, with two toasts given by the emcee.
“This is ours because of you,” Loy said to the founders present. “From an idea in 1958 to this marvelous country club we enjoy today. Your vision and willingness is carried forward today by all of us that now share your dreams. You are the foundation of Crestwood. May the most you wish for be the least you get. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything.”
Loy added during the dedication that “the farmland you purchased has become so well groomed and improved that Crestwood is well known as the diamond, not in the rough, but in the four-state area. We have all this because of your vision. You made all this possible because you were not afraid to take a leap of faith. You have done your great service, now we hand the reins to the visionaries of the next generation. A gift from the greatest generation. You have taught us etiquette and pride. You will be forever remembered by each generation as this portrait will greet each visitor to the clubhouse.”
Following dinner, recognitions, presentations and champagne toasts, members and guests were able to relax or dance to the sounds of “Blues Over Easy.”
“This is the nicest event I’ve ever attended honoring me,” said founding member Bill Daugherty. “I just can’t thank you enough.”
Celebrations continued throughout the weekend, with golf tournaments held on June 28 and 29, swimming and numerous children’s activities and contests the afternoon of June 28. Youngsters competed for prizes in such events as hula hoop, best decorated bike in the bicycle parade, big splash contest and balloon toss.
A pig roast as part of an Hawaiian luau was held June 28 on the Pavilion with live music provided by “Loose Change.” The evening drew to a close with the club’s annual July 4 fireworks display.