The tragedies of coal mining remained in the local area as long as deep mining was carried out here. Below is another example that occurred in 1921. By that time, mine rescue teams had been formed to help in these tragedies.

“Antone Spicer, 27 years old, of Chicopee, a shotfirer, was killed in an explosion in Jackson-Walker mine No. 16 [located between Capaldo and Franklin] between 8 and 11 o’clock last night. The explosion occurred about 8 o’clock, when fire damp in the mine was ignited by the charge of a blast. It is believed that Spicer was trapped behind the flames and died of suffocation.

“…. He began firing shot in the coal mines here about eight years ago [i.e., at about age 19].

“He is survived by his widow, …; one child, a year old; …

“The explosion in the mine is believed to have been caused from an overcharge which ignited the gases by the blast. Fire resulted, which did heavy damage to the west side of the mine.

“Workers from the mine rescue station responded to the call and worked until 11 o’clock before Spicer’s body was found.”

Source: The Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Friday, 29 April 1921, Vol. XXXIV, No. 11.