The second grade, music class, P.E. and computer classes started the semester with a variety of academic activites.

The second grade, music class, P.E. and computer classes started the semester with a variety of academic activites.

Becky Cleland’s class worked on units on snow, winter, penguins, the 100th day of school, Martin Luther King Jr. and Kansas.

They are also learning new concepts in math that include base 10 blocks, measuring, addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers and a.m. and p.m. and new facts about Kansas.

In her class Quinn O’Rand and Ayden Fisher celebrated January birthdays. Jaycie Braman, Kaylee Clugston and Cole Thompson have February birthdays while Skylar Stone has a March birthday.

In Jennifer Ziegler’s class Avton Scholes, Evan Sisney and Tyler Slay celebrated January birthdays. This month Kinley Smith has a birthday, and next month Brahm Born and MacKenzie Walden have birthdays.

Ms. Cleland and Ms. Ziegler’s classes worked together on writing a poem for the 100th day of school.

Glenna Crespino’s class is studying health, the strongest bones, the strongest muscles, the heart, dental health and nutrition. They are also doing a Kansas unit that includes study of the state flower, 34th street and the Kansas flag.

Her students with March birthdays include Hailey Orender, Mackenzie Droessler and Kennedy Shouse.

Clara Black’s students are also studying dental health and learning about presidents this month. They are doing a play about Abraham Lincoln and are preparing for a trip to Greenbush to learn about the atmosphere.

Jarett Murphy, Madison Staten and Caroline Kunshek have birthdays this month while Leonardo Ortiz will celebrate a March birthday.

Rich Wiens’ physical education classes finished a bowling unit and jump rope unit. Jump for Heart was held Feb. 17.

In Kim Smith’s computer class, the third and fifth graders finished taking post-tests for the Kansas assessments. Students in other grades are working on

John Womeldorff is working with his first and second graders on their spring programs, which highlight American songs. The second grade program will be on March 2. The third, fourth and fifth graders are working on music in class.

On Jan. 14 a group of RVH students participated in the KMEA Honor Choir Concert in Yates Center.

Hannah Blevins was selected to be in the KCDA All-State Children’s Choir and will travel to Wichita at the end of this month to perform with the choir at Century II Concert Hall.