"Things went wrong," said Bernanke.

Dear Editor,
"Things went wrong," said Bernanke.
Bernanke is the Federal Reserve Board chairman pleading for $700 million of taxpayer money from Congress.
THINGS went wrong?
Nothing could be more false and misleading. Bernanke dismissed any thought that people, namely investment bankers and Wall Street hotshots, might have outsmarted themselves and brought on the so-called financial "meltdown.".
They have names, these people. Go to GOOGLE for the annual report issued by Freddie Mac and Fannie May ... issued by Bear-Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Goldman-Sachs, Merrill-Lynch and the rest of the scurvy crowd. 
Find out who is stealing your underwear without removing your pants! Start with the CEO in each firm and go down through the vice-presidents. Include CFOs too ... and the auditors for every one of the failed companies.
Make a list!
“This is for all of us," said Paulson. He didn't mean we should go after the pirates with pitchforks and hot tar. He meant we ALL should share the cost of "things gone wrong" because a gang of financial hotshots have screwed investors and the public to the tune of $700 billion.
So make a list! That's what they do in Congress. .. especially when fund-raising.
Keep an eye on what happens to the people on that list ... and the politicians playing this game for personal advantage!
Bill Sollner