I learned something important this week. 

Dear Editor,
I learned something important this week.  Our Congresswoman, Lynn Jenkins has found a way to formulate a campaign piece to send to many of us for less than the cost of a postage stamp. It says so right on the franking address which admits we taxpayers picked up the tab. If She or her staff was able to achieve this it's remarkable and I hope she'll let those of us in some organizations know how it was done. I belong to several who regularly print up information on our activities and we pay a lot more than a postage stamp.
On another front, I hope readers will keep track of campaign money sources in terms of how both Democrats and Republicans vote on health care and energy.
Lastly, I attended the local "tea party" and have wondered if any attendees tore up the checks they received from government. Nationwide that would have had some, if minimal impact. I didn't. Matter of fact I cashed it and spent the proceeds because the dollar has been falling a long time.
Jerry E. Waltrip