Sewer, Drains and More, Pittsburg, was awarded the bid for the sewer project on West St. John Street during a special meeting Tuesday of the Girard City Council.

Sewer, Drains and More, Pittsburg, was awarded the bid for the sewer project on West St. John Street during a special meeting Tuesday of the Girard City Council.

The business, owned by Paul Keys, had submitted the low bid of $9,700 for the project. Bids were opened during the regular council session Monday.

“Looking over all three bids, everything Sewers, Drains and More has here is what we want,” said Amanda Proffitt, community development director.

Council members also discussed a letter received regarding a proposed ABATE of Kansas, Inc., Bike Rally and Show, which would be held May 7-9 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds. An application has been made for a special event permit for the rally.

The rally site is owned by the City of Girard but located out in the county, and is leased to the Crawford County Fair Board.

“I just feel that on the application we need so much more information than what we were given,” said council member Dan Smith. “This would bring business to town, but is it worth it? The cost of man power to take care of this event would be substantial, including more deputies on duty. I understand the Kansas Highway Patrol would also have nine or 10 more people  on. We need to know who will be accountable.”

“I think Dan has said it all,” said council woman Sharon Mattson.

“When this event was held in Neodesha, there was a strip show,” Smith said.

“There is a wide spectrum between than and the chicken shows they’ve had at the fairgrounds.”

“The first issue I saw when this was brought up Monday was that this event will be closed to the public and they don’t want the law in there,” said Richard Loffswold Jr., Girard city attorney. “Do we have the right to go in there when the Fair Board has leased the property? According to our regulations, yes, we do have the right to go in with our Fire Department, Police Department and Sheriff’s Department. We have the right to provide protection there as necessary and to check on the safety of those there and the lawful use of the premises.”

Other questions, Loffswold said, were who would be responsible for maintaining order at the event and who would be responsible for any damage that occurred. However, he added that the decision whether to grant the special event permit for the rally is not one that the Girard City Council can make.

The matter will be discussed Friday by the Crawford County Commission.

Council members then went to the Girard Golf Course to check progress on the new maintenance building and clubhouse.

“The maintenance building covers 4,000 square feet, and somebody asked why we needed all this space,” said Gary Emry, Girard city manager.  “I think it really just accommodates it all nicely.”

The structure includes ample storage space with a separate area to keep chemicals, a bathroom with shower and office.

“I believe this is long overdue,” said Susan Thom, council member.

Work is still being done on the clubhouse, especially on the interior. “Outside work always goes faster,” noted Girard mayor Maurice Harley. “It’s when you go inside that it takes longer. But I believe this is really coming along.”

Emry said that the clubhouse will include a desk and registration area, kitchen and dining area and restrooms.

“The old clubhouse was so small and it did not have restrooms,” Mattson said. “You had to go into town if you needed a bathroom.”

“There will be a pavilion on the grounds, so that when there’s a tournament they can put the tables there and not have to put up a tent,” Smith said.

“This is excellent work,” Thom said. “I can’t wait until it’s ready to use.”