The Pittsburg Family YMCA Show Biz Kids will present “The Magic in Me” at 7 p.m. today and 1 p.m. Saturday at Pittsburg High School.

The Pittsburg Family YMCA Show Biz Kids will present “The Magic in Me” at 7 p.m. today and 1 p.m. Saturday at Pittsburg High School.

Admission will be $5 at the door.

“Our theme this year is ‘Blessed As Can Be,’ and I chose this show because we are all blessed with a special talent, so it fits in with the theme,” said Tandi Rhuems, Show Biz Kids director and member of the Pittsburg YMCA Academy of Dance faculty.

In the show, a very young wizard played by Morgan Michae, guided by her belief that “there’s a little bit of magic in all of us,” searches for her own special talent. Called “Do-Nothing Dale” by the other wizards, it seems that all she can do is play with her toy shovel and pail.

The other wizards, Wonder Wonda, played by Cassie Hurt-McLarty, and Magnificent Mary, played by Ashlynne Bowles, can do wonderful things. Wonda specializes in her scarf trick, while Mary is a wiz of a wizard at hypnotizing people and making them believe that they’re chickens.

Each of them is sure that she will be named Wizard of the Year after the annual competition at Princess Patricia’s birthday party. Karley Jones plays the magic-loving princess.

Do-Nothing Dale first swims across a lake to visit Musicland, but after a conversation with Marilyn Melody, played by Maddy Emerson, decides that music is not her special talent.

McKenna Shaw, as Coco the Clown, queen of Laughterland, quickly determines that Dale does not have clowning ability, either.

Then Dale goes to the planet of the flowers. A wicked weatherman, played by Jack Bertoncino, is causing the place to be too hot, too cold, too wet and too dry. As a result, the garden is not a happy place. Playing flowers are Morgan Noe as Olivia Orchid, Lexi Muckala as Daffy Dill, Eve Bertoncino as Snapdragon, Mallory Snow as Lavender, Catherine Poe as Tulip, Grace Hite as Sunflower, Xander Dye as Mum, Trinity Dye as Rose, Nicholas Schlesnecker as Lily and Dominique Schlesnecker as Shamrock.

Narrating the play are Lexi Popejoy, Libby Vogel, Payton Kannarr, Asher Lauderdale, Hallie Hadaegh, Hattie Hamblin, Elise Bowles, Keller Erwin, Karley Jones, Julianna Bowles and Ella Rhuems.

Choreography for “The Magic in Me” was done by Shelley Van Shaar and Rhuems, with props and costumes by Pam Hurt, Lisa McLarty and Rhuems. Stage manager is Alida Bowles. Denise Williams is technical director, and is also in charge of light and sound. Wendy Giray, Liz Hart and Ashleigh Hamblin are the backstage crew, along with Karma Michael, Cindy Westhoff and Valeska Lauderdale. Amy Hite, Denise Bertoncino, Jim Emerson and Sandy Emerson are in charge of ticket sales.

Opening the evening will be the Show Stoppers under the direction of Alida Bowles.

“They are an amazing group of 4- and 5-year-olds who sing and dance before ‘The Magic in Me’ show,” Rhuems said. “They sing four magical songs and do a little skit between each song. They are super cute.”

Adults and youngsters involved with this part of the show are Candy Westhoff, Wendy Giray, Sebastian Poe, Ivoree Marler, Orin Weiss, Sarah Winzer, Makinley Morrison, Faith Leonard, Kaity Popejoy and Avery Harrison.

“We’re all blessed to have these talented, amazing children,” Rhuems said. “We also thank our wonderful backstage parents.”