Austin Egbert, son of Clark and Ann Egbert, rural McCune, has been collecting honors at home and elsewhere.

Austin Egbert, son of Clark and Ann Egbert, rural McCune, has been collecting honors at home and elsewhere.
He recently returned from Washington, D.C., where he attended a People to People World Leadership Forum, learning about leadership and how great leaders throughout history have handled world events.
Included were various hands-on activities, professional speakers, workshops and visits to memorials, museums and monuments.
“It was amazing to see all of the historical sites of D.C. up close,” Austin said. “We went to Gettysburg, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg also. We even visited the Saudi Arabian embassy and ate dinner there. I really enjoyed meeting and making friends from other parts of the country, too.”
He is 12, and the youngest member of his seventh grade class at the McCune Attendance Center.
He was selected for the Duke University TIP (Talent Identification Program) and had the opportunity to take the ACT examination.
“He was sick that day and had a fever, but still did amazingly well,” said his mother. “More than 65,000 in 16 states participated in the program this year, and Austin scored in the top 3 percent.”
In fact, his scores in reading, English, mathematics and science qualified him for state recognition.
“That recognition ceremony will be held June 1 at the University of Kansas, and he’ll be able to attend that,” Mrs. Egbert said. “Austin also qualified  for national recognition in two areas, but we won’t be able to get to that ceremony, which will be held at Duke University in North Carolina.”
She noted that these honors may enable him to get some scholarships. “This opens a lot of doors for Austin,” she said.
Closer to home, Austin and his sister Caylee are both active in 4-H. “My favorite projects are rabbitry, swine and cooking,” he said.
He has been a junior grand champion in cooking and intermediate grand champion in rabbit showman last year.
“In showmanship you show the characteristics of the rabbit,” Austin said.
He has 16 rabbits, and has been winning honors the last five years with Link, a Mini-Rex buck (male) rabbit. That takes a lot of practicing, and, while Link is pretty used to being handled by now, he occasionally gets a little restless.
“I took some old socks and made sleeves out of them so Austin doesn’t get his arms scratched up by Link’s claws,” Mrs. Egbert said.
Austin also enjoys computers. “I found a program that pretends to be a Mac classic, so you can play old Mac games on a PC,” he said. “I’ve also been making some mini-videos.”