Deed Transfers from Crawford County Register of Deeds April 14 - 18:

Deed Transfers from Crawford County Register of Deeds April 14 - 18:
• Robyn M. Stapleton and Tyler R. Costantinii, deeded to Debbie A. and Terry L. Deal, Lot 2, of Brown’s Replat.
• Countrywide Home Loans INC., deeded to Joyce L. and Keith B. Stewart Lots 8 - 10 of Rogers Addition.
• Albert and Carolyn Keil, deded to Jacob and Kristi Tarabolous, Block 3, Lot 1 of Westwood Place Addition.
• Paula R. Sleeper, deeded to Amanda and Scott Thomas, Block 6, Lot 3 of Original Town of Girard.
•Creative Car Audio INC., deeded to June Mae and Little Richard Bolen, Block 8, Lot 25 of Martin Place Addition.
• Theda Westhoff, deeded to Jerome Richard Troike, Section 31, Township 28, Range 22, Government Lot NE -SE & Section 31, Township 28, Range 22, Government Lot SE - SE.
• Jeremiah C. and Kelli S. Pant, deeded to Nathan and Tiffany George, Section 17 Part, Township 31, Range 25, Government Lot SW - NW.
• C. Debie Waterman, deeded to Verdan J. and Mary L. Davied Living Trust, Section 4, Township 29, Range 24, Government Lot NW.
• Barbara J. and Richard L. Perry, deeded to Gerry Dennett Hoome Building INC, Lot 4 of Cedar Crest Estates.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, deeded to Larry Vancecelaere Lot 95 of Santa Fe Second Addition.
• Anna Lucille Chamber, deeded to Glenna, John R. and Merle D. Lovell, Section 14 & North 1/2 of Abandoned RR RW, Township 31, Range 23, Government Lot NW.
• Sharon Lou Coon and Joan Nuzum, deeded to Stephen A. Potts, Block 2 North 63 Feet, Lot 1 of Kotzman’s Sub Lots 13 & 14 Highland Place Addition.
• Lois D. and Roy Hembree and John H. and Margie Quenoy, deeded to Bob and Wendy Sue Markley, Block 5 North 24 Feet 8 Inches, Lot 5 of Original Town of McCune.
• Anne E. and William H. Hyatt, deeded to Don and Estermae Talent, Section 7 Part, Township 30, Range 25, Government Lot SE - SW.
• Patricia and Phil Martin, deeded to Jordan M. Barr, Lot 209 of Mair & Playters First addition.
• Leroy and Sylvia Sisney, deeded to Shamber and Ronnie Jackson, Lot 3 of Connaughton’s.
• Darlene Mitchell, deeded to Dennis R. Hoag, Block 10 West 1/2, Lot 6 of Pittsburg Town Company’s Second Addition.
• SRC - 2006 LLC, deeded to Brian K. andVickie M. Garren, Lot 19 of Leighton’s First addition (Smelter Avenue).