Trump insists he doesn't have 'Messiah complex' -- despite dubbing himself 'the chosen one'

He's not the One you thought he was.

President Trump insisted he doesn't have a "Messiah complex" and says he was just joking when he called himself "the chosen one."

Trump said it should've been obvious to everyone that he wasn't serious when he gazed up at the sky and anointed himself the guy to take on China over trade.

"They knew I was kidding, being sarcastic," he wrote on Saturday, blaming the media for twisting his remarks during a break from talks at the G-7 Summit in France.

Still, Trump did not do much to comfort critics who believe he has amassed far too much power for himself, especially given his mercurial personality.

He didn't address why he approvingly quoted a nutty right-wing conspiracy theorist on the same day who called Trump "the son of God" and "King of Israel" for his uncritical backing of the Jewish state.

And of course, Trump wasn't backing away one bit from his bizarre #IHerebyOrder edict that private American companies must wind down their operations in China because of his escalating trade war.

He even countered business leaders who say the president does not have the legal power to tell private companies where to do business by citing the Emergency Economic Powers Act, under which he could declare an emergency and impose sanctions on China.

Along with Trump's promise of a new round of tariffs, that threat seemed likely to send markets into a fresh tizzy after the Dow plunged by nearly 3% on Friday.