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Fire rages through the 17th-century old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen and its spire has collapsed


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — One of Copenhagen's oldest buildings is on fire and its iconic spire has collapsed.

The roof of the 17th-century old Stock Exchange, or Boersen, that was once Denmark’s financial center, was engulfed in flames Tuesday.

The building, which is situated next to the Christiansborg Palace where the parliament sits, is a popular tourist attraction. Its distinctive spire, in the shape of the tails of four dragons twined together, reached a height of 56 meters (184 feet).

Huge billows of smoke rose over downtown Copenhagen and people were seen rushing inside the building to save paintings. Danish media reported that an annex of the parliament was being evacuated.

Police and firefighters were at work outside the building, which was encased in scaffolding. Ambulances were at the scene but there were no reports of casualties.

Police said on the social media site X that a main road in Copenhagen was closed and people should expect the area to be cordoned off for some time.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.